Disclaimer: Please be advised that Karlie’s Kake Pops is based out of Karlie’s home which does contain raw nuts and peanut butter.  Although the kitchen and all utensils are thoroughly cleaned before, during and after the baking/decorating process she cannot guarantee that the product will be completely nut free.


What is a kake pop?
For those who have never had a kake pop you might be wondering what exactly they are.  They are made from a fully baked cake that has been crumbled and mixed with buttercream icing. It’s then rolled into a ball, chilled, place a stick in it, then dipped in chocolate.

Do you offer gluten, sugar, dairy free alternatives?
Currently Karlie does not have any cakes for those who have dietary allergies/restrictions. She is considering this however as there are many people who have been requesting such a product line.  Right now, she is researching recipes and will begin testing very shortly.

How do I store my kake pops?
It’s best to keep them in a cool (70 degrees or below) and dry place.  If you store them in the refrigerator they can dry out quicker.  I would recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight as they will turn into a melted mess and that would be a very sad day.  In the summer months, I would keep them inside in the air conditioning.

Do you offer shipping?
Shipping is available during the months of October through April. Shipping is not available May through September due to warmer weather conditions. Shipping prices vary based on location and can be calculated in the shopping cart of my Ecwid store. The pops are sent by USPS Priority Mail and typically arrive within 2-3 business days after shipping (weather permitting).  Karlie frequently ships kake pops to Virginia and Washington and has great success.  While great care and precautions are taken while packaging the pops, if damage does occur during shipping customers must notify Karlie within 24 hours after receiving the kake pops in order to receive a refund for cost of shipping only.

How can the kake pops be presented?
The two options for presentation are kake up/stick down or kake down/stick up.  Kake up/stick down is the traditional lollipop style where the pops are displayed in a cake pop stand.  Kake down/stick up are perfect for serving platters or trays.

How do you collect payment?
Payment is collected via PayPal using either your credit card or bank account via the secured site. For custom orders over $100 a 50% deposit is required upon placing the order and the balance must be paid 24 hours prior to shipping. Payment collecting and invoicing for custom orders is also via PayPal.

What if I need to cancel my order?
A 48 hour advanced notice prior to shipping or local pick up is required in order to receive a full refund.  If cancellations are made in less than 48 hours a 50% refund will be given.