Karlie is a New England native born in Maine and raised in the town of Bridgton. As a child she would visit her Grammy Brown in Massachusetts where together, along with her sister, they would bake all kinds of treats. Using her Grammy’s tin flour sifter and old fashioned hand mixer they would whip up all kinds of breads, cakes, and cookies. Some of her best childhood memories are of being in the kitchen hunched over a red and white Betty Crocker cookbook learning how to read and measure all of the ingredients. That is where she discovered the joy of baking.

Her journey to crafting cake pops began after a change in career and as way to break the ice with her new co-workers she joined the party planning committee. Her first time making cake pops was for an Earth Day party at the office. She wanted to bring something special as a unique way to introduce herself and thought what better way than with cake pops!

It took her about 8 exhausting hours, but in the end she created two beautiful cake pop arrangements to look like bouquets of flowers complete with petals hand cut from tissue paper. When she placed them on the dessert table the day of the event no one believed her that they were edible. Once she convinced her co-workers that they were indeed food they were HOOKED! They quickly became the staple of every event from then on out. People began asking for cake pops for their own parties and that is how Karlie’s Kake Pops got its start.

Karlie is always creating new and exciting cake and frosting combinations in hopes to deliver them all to you. She is currently researching kosher and gluten free options as well for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Karlie is always open to suggestions and would love to hear your feedback and encourages you to ask her any questions by reaching out via the “Contact” page.

Grammy Brown’s Tin Flour Sifter